Herman Scott

Resident ~ Quest Veterans Village

Mr. Herman Scott was born February 14, 1952, in Kansas City, Kansas. Although he did not complete High School, he did receive his GED while serving in the Navy from 1972 -1974; and is a Vietnam Veteran. Mr. Scott lost his job in December 2008, and as a result, lost his house, his car, his family, and became homeless.

In 2011 Mr. Scott was referred to The Leonard House from the Atlanta Task Force. While at Quest, he enrolled in the Drug Education Classes and successfully completed each class.

"I owe Quest Communities a lot and am Thankful, because they saved my life and gave me another chance to start over again. I received permanent housing to Columbia Towers with assistance from Quest Communities and would recommend them to anyone who wants to change and get their life together. They have truly been a Blessing to me."  - Herman Scott

Jerralyn Turner

Resident ~ Quest Veterans Village

Jerralyn Turner is a domestic violence survivor and recovering addict, who now mentors others on their journey to maintain sobriety.

Jerralyn has overcome homelessness and now acts as a peer support, and guest speaker at local AA/NA meeting events. She is currently attending Atlanta Area Tech, pursuing her certification as a nursing assistant.

"My experience with Quest Communities has given me a second chance to get my life back on track. My greatest joy is having my own place at Quest Village where my children and grandchildren can come and visit." 
- Jerralyn Turner

Shunita Averett

Resident ~ Quest Veterans Village

In August 2010, Shunita lost her job and house; and was in the process of getting a divorce. She left Jacksonville, FL and returned to South Georgia hoping to get a job and housing. After landing a job - she couldn't afford the gas prices and had to resign.

As a result, Shunita became homeless for almost 2 years. She constantly went to the VA trying to get help for housing. With little help and minimum resources from the VA, no shelter would take her in. Shunita has a son who was living in one place, and she was living in another.
One day, through the Grace of God, Shunita was came across She saw that Quest helped homeless veterans and spoke to Mr. Pinder at Quest Veterans Village relaying that she was a veteran with little income. She brought the paperwork that was needed the next day and moved into her new apartment, soon after.

"Who would ever imagine that there was this little known secret on Rock Street! I now, have a home! I want to thank Mr. Leonard Adams of Quest Communities for thinking of the Veterans that have served, and need a good quality place to call home. I am so grateful, let the healing begin!"
- Shunita Averett

Michael Hart

Resident ~ Quest Village III

Michael Hart, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio - was no stranger to homelessness, alcohol and addiction. It was a way of life for many years to be dependent on the bottle and to choose the bottle over himself. Eventually, Michael says he FINALLY got to a point where he realized that his life was falling completely apart and enough was enough… He started to not feel good about who he was and needed to insight a change. So as a new year’s resolution, on January 1, 2011, Mr. Hart packed up and headed to Georgia for a new beginning.

Mr. Hart began his journey to sobriety at the Gateway center, after recuperating from spinal surgery. His case manager, Dana Thomas then referred him to Quest Transitional Housing. Mr. Hart made up in his mind that this time would be different. He wanted to do things the right way, follow all the rules and to be a great example for others. And that’s just what he did.

Going through Quest’s transitional, then permanent housing, and now living permanently in Quest Village III’s newest fully furnished apartments is almost surreal. While at Quest, Michael has taken full advantage of every program offered, including anger management courses, Al-Anon, graduating from Microsoft office computer course through Quest workforce development, and now has enrolled in Quest’s GED program in collaboration with Atlanta Public Schools, although he has already obtained his high school diploma.

Michael says the secret to his success was learning to love himself first - which helped him realize he needed to make drastic changes in his life. So He Did. And once he did, he never looked back.

Richard Hockett

Resident ~ Quest Village III
Residential & Property Coordinator

Richard Hockett is from Washington, D.C. and was well on his way to making a good life for himself until drugs came into the equation. Richard owned a hair salon, home and several cars. Due to his drug abuse, he instantly lost it all.

He moved to Georgia to begin fresh start. Changing geographical locations did not mean anything at the time, he was just going along for the ride. But, things still were not working out for him. Then, God put Quest in his life. He said to himself "let me give this a try".

Through hard work with his case manager and lots of prayer, Richard's life started to change for the better. Only through the opportunity that Quest has allowed him, could Richard begin to see hope.

Richard now works for Quest Communities, at Quest Village III as a residential & property coordinator.

"Quest has allowed me to get back my self-esteem, dignity, and my morals; and for that, I will be forever grateful."
- Richard Hockett