Board Of Directors

The Mission Of Our Board
Our Board of Directors has come together as a unified team to establish clear and achievable goals that will be the focus of our efforts now and for the future.

1. To maintain, and where possible to improve, the already high standards of our housing programs and facilities.

2. To establish and maintain open channels of communication between the Board and the supervisors of Quest Communities.

3. To identify and utilize the varied and considerable talents that are present in our residents and community to better staff our committees.

4. To recognize and acknowledge the high standards of performance provided by our excellent staff.

5. To endeavor to make the housing facilities as affordable in the future as it is today.

6. In general, to improve by every means available to us the already enjoyable experience of Quest Communities at all levels, for residents and employees alike.

2017-2018 Board Of Directors

Beverly Rice | Board Chair

Olivia Nightingale | Board Secretary

Leonard L. Adams Jr. | Ex Officio

Bruce W. Baggarly Jr.
Baggarly Associates | Attorney at Law

Robert Benson, Ph.D.
Professional Minority Aviation Consultants
Chief Operating Officer