Free Adult Literacy & GED Classes

Free Literacy Classes

Adult Literacy & GED Prep Courses
Quest Communities and Atlanta Public Schools now hold FREE Adult Education and GED prep courses.

September Is National Literacy Month
National Literacy Month is a time to bring awareness to the negative effects that low literacy can have on the individual, as well as the economic, health and cultural development of the country as a whole. Enrolling in GED preparation courses is a step towards turning these negative effects into positive ones.

To Donate To This Program
If you would like to donate supplies, transportation services, or have an inspirational story of how you received your GED and would like to share with the class...

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Importance Of Adult Literacy

Adult Education Reduces Poverty
Adult education helps those living in poverty to improve their quality of life, get or keep a job, and earn a family-sustaining wage. You can receive a GED diploma. You can transfer to a community college or training program.

Adult Education Supports Public Health
Adult education helps people to better manage their family’s healthcare by making more informed decisions. It can also improve self-care and advocacy, and lead to improved communications between health care providers and patients.

Adult Education Supports Children’s Education
Adult education prepares parents (and grandparents) to be their child’s first and most important teacher. Parents will be able to help their children succeed in school.

Adult Education Prepares Inmates For a 2nd Chance
Adult education helps inmates and former inmates have a better chance of leading a productive life once they re-join the community.

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For more information on this program or to sign up, please call the Adult Learning Center at 404.802.3560